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Snooker dining table for sale

: Great snooker sessions start and end with Riley!We associate snooker very much with the modern era, especially with the arrival of colour television, but the game was actually invented back in the 1870s! It doesn't really matter whether your passion is for snooker billiards or pool, British manufacturer Riley have a great selection of tables and cues. Riley have combined their proud heritage and an openness to innovation to produce a range of products that are outstanding in quality and performance. They boast a truly comprehensive selection of snooker tables for sale to suit a range of different budgets.There are even multiple ways of personalising your table to your taste - you can chop and change wood finishes, pockets and trims!Don't forget what size of room you'll be playing in.Now that the equipment side of things is taken care of, Mark Selby had better watch out!

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